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The power of the mountain winds

Legends tell of a large empire that existed before our era. In that time there was a tyrannical Emperor with an iron control over his country. The poor people suffered greatly under the rule of the sovereign. Hunger, disease and oppression were the order of the day. The army of the Emperor was commanded by two generals. While one of the emperor obeyed unconditionally, the other general saw the suffering of the citizens, and had compassion on them. That was not new to the Emperor, but he tolerated no weakness! So he let the good General guard by two mighty dragons. But the power of the spirit was given him to perform in exactly such situations. The General often flattered his guards, until he finally managed to escape to the mountains.

The Emperor was steaming with rage and let his magicians conjure up dark creatures from the deep, which should look for the good General. A good friend of the General recognized the impending danger. This friend was a strong and strong-willed warrior who has served under the General. And for the first time in history a warrior gathered all the people who dreamed of a free will and life. Young and old people responded to this call. Better to die in battle than to tolerate the subjugation! And so it came that the General was supported by old and young people, by women and men and by children. The fight took place on a mountain like the one you see here.

The free men were numerically inferior to the army of the Emperor. Many of them had never held a sword in her hands. But they put up resistance! They dedicated their entire lives, even at times to the shedding of their blood on the mountains snow. The despair was great and the situation hopeless. But help came from very small creatures. Little fairies took pity on the desperate people. They formed an alliance and together they invoked the God of the mountain winds.

The General ordered to attack. The mountain winds enveloped the enemy’s army in a dense fog and together with the brave warriors they defeated completely the enemy. But the loyal General managed to escape and hid together with the emperor in the palace. Then the strong mountain winds clouded the whole palace with a thick nebula. Helpless and confused the Emperor and his General circled around in the palace until they came into the chambers of the dragons. The dragons did not recognize the both and devoured the both with a single bite. This was the birth of one of the most beautiful and prosperous golden times of mankind.

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