Mystic fog photos 2013 - Homepage about the Photography and stories by Manuel Martin
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Never make a photo at midday!

I remember the period when I started with photography. I bought a photo camera and had no idea how this technical object worked. So I bought a ton of those books for beginners. I think you all know these kind of books with the same introduction text : „Congratulations on your purchase of this masterpiece. This book will guide you not only to better photos but to stunning photos …“! And you can not wait to read this book and to learn everything that is written in it. You are excited and you dream of incredible photos that you can make after you’ve read all the content. Well, if this were true, everyone would make similar and stunning photos. What a boring world this would be :-)

And I remember the Dos and Don’ts! I hated the Don’ts he he he :-) You should not do this as a beginner … that is also not good … take care of doing this in the right light ... in no case do this when you … be careful not to fall into that trap when your camera … bla, bla, bla! A wonderful summary of instructions like … never touch the hotplate because you can burn yourself … never lean against a freshly painted wall … never dress up as Superman and jump off the roof of the house because you won’t fly … never lick with your tongue an iron bar in winter, you all know what happens then … and never make photos at midday, because the sun produces harsh shadows!

After my morning hike in the woods I got a shower! And when I put on my bathrobe and looked out of the window I had luck, the fog temporary cleared and I could see the other side of the valley! What should I do??? Well, I ran out of the bathroom and had the bathrobe still open! It was clear that I remained hanging on the doorhandle and rushed down the stairs. My bathrobe flew like the cape of Superman. Once at the bottom I was looking for my photo camera! Aha, there it was, next to the hotplate. In my haste I missed my camera and burned my fingers! „Ouch!“ Quick, now I needed water! And there was indeed a jug filled with liquid! I stuck my hand in! The children had painted with water color, and guess where the color was? When I noticed it, I quickly took out my colored hand and emotionally I wiped my hand on my bathrobe. I took the camera and ran with my freshly painted bathrobe outside. So I stood there with bathrobe in the cold and did not notice that I was standing barefoot on a patch of ice! Can you imagine how funny this was? Anyway, it was an amazing sight! I took the photo at midday with harsh shadows!

Our neighbors had just come home from skiing and looked at me with big eyes. I stood there and was wearing only my bathrobe and was relatively unprotected by the views of the whole world! But I just said „I’m Superman!“ And why did I made all this things to make this photo? Don’t believe everything written in books, because one point I’ve never read in those books is: „No Risk, No Fun!"

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