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Old Man Of Storr

Of course we were during our stay on the Isle of Skye on the Old Man of Storr. Unfortunately it rained for hours :-( And that's why I could not make any pictures at the summit. But when we left the area the clouds broke up. And this was the moment to take pictures! The Old Man of Storr is a beautiful, gigantic rock needle. The pinnacle itself is piling up to 48 meters. The highest points of the surrounding mountains make it at least up to 719 meters above sea level - that is the highest point on the Trottenish Peninsula. Architect of this magnificent landscape were the glaciers of the last ice age. They left behind a rock art, which is partly made up to 24 layers of volcanic rock. Majestically overlooks the rugged mountains the north of Skye. The landscape behind is a magnificent backdrop. For me he looks a bit like an oversized menhir :-) But no Gaul has ever laid hands on the giant (lol). But it is purely natural origin as I already mentioned. The needle itself is called "The Sanctuary"! By the way … this extremely bizarre landscape was immortalized in 2012 in a movie. In the Alien prequel "Prometheus", the scientists found right at the beginning here evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of mankind. I hope you like it :-)

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