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Spring Evening Fun

You have no idea how much fun I had that evening taking this shot here. Every evening I’m doing a small walk with our dog Giorgio. And about 15 minutes from our house you can find this area here. When I passed by here I immediately placed my tripod behind the rape field in order to capture the wonderful evening atmosphere. Well, there is also only one road crossing this area as you can see on the left part of the image! And now imagine how the situation looked like being a motorist. There are some special individuals driving too fast on this road. I’m talking about some stupid crazy young guys testing from time to time their new machines outside the city. But there are also kids walking along the street or crossing this road on their hikes from time to time. You already notice that the habitants of this area don’t like very much those troublemakers with a too high speed and vehicles that sound like airplanes. But that evening everything was different because of me he he he!

From the street you could only see the rape field. And over the rape field only my head was visible and beside me they only saw the upper part of the tripod and of course my camera! I was taking pictures! Just when the crazy drivers saw that I was there, they all tested their braking systems in their cars because they all believed that I was a police officer with a speed control camera. Can you imagine the stupid expression in their face when they drove slowly along the road noticing that I wasn’t a police officer? If such people are risking their own lives for such a nonsense, they can do whatever they want. But if they endanger other lives, especially the lives of children, this is the point where the fun stops!!! There were some traffic that evening and there were also normal drivers. This ones were driving absolutely normal and even when they saw me they didn’t brake the cars, but there were also some 10 special drivers with hopefully a lesson to remember. I must confess that I really had a lot of fun to watch this spectacle :-)

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