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Sunrise over the Eschenberg

Well, hypothetically the sunrise is there, but you can’t see it because the fog is so thick :-) Last Sunday I went into this forest because I wanted to photograph the sunrise from a tower in the middle of the forest called Eschenberg-Turm. I stood up around 5 a.m., prepared my backpack and together with our dog Giorgio we took the car in direction forest to catch the sunrise at time! But as soon as I was on my way I came into a control of the police. I was not shaved, was wearing a black wool cap together with a headlamp (it was still night), wore a dark winter jacket and had practically not slept the last night with the result that I had dark circles under the eyes till to the navel! And now guess what then the police said when they saw me in that condition? „Please get out of the car and open the trunk“ was the command! „Where did you come from?“ he asked. And I played with the thought to say „I come from the crematorium of the city!“, but my response was „From home“. „Coward“ I said to myself! But the truth was that I wanted to see the sunrise and not the prison from the inside! I opened the trunk and the police officer saw our dog Giorgio, the camera backpack, the tripod … well a lot of camera stuff! „And where do you go at this time in the morning?“ he asked. „Into the forest“ was my answer! And again I was thinking „I hope he will not ask me why I want to go to the forest after seeing what I have here in my trunk“. Certainly I would answer „Fishing of course, there are some wonderful trout“!

Well, finally a bit later I was really in the woods. It was so mystical and wonderful to walk in the dark through the forest. And it’s amazing how many creatures are active at night. And always when I shone with the headlamp into the woods I saw thousands of sparkling eyes staring at me. When I finally arrived at the tower I should have known, the fog was too dense and the sun could not shine through! However, I hope you like it :-)

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