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Sunset from the tower Eschenbergturm

We have a 30 meter high steel tower on a mountain called „Eschenberg“ in Winterthur, the town where I live. Personally, I call it a hill and not a mountain because it is only 600 meters high he he he. But the view over the area from there is really fantastic. Well, and the weather forecast predicted some thunderstorms that evening, so I thought why not make some shots from the tower before the bad weather reaches our town! Nevertheless I had a strange feeling because the steel tower would not be the best place to make shots during a thunder storm he he he :-)

It was too early when I reached the place and I had to wait more than one hour till the sunset, but fortunately I met a small group of couples who just made a fire to roast sausages and meat. And hey, one of the guys had the same camera like me. Can you imagine we both talking and talking about photography till the sunset. It was really wonderful and a great pleasure to meet such wonderful and fine persons :-) And 15 minutes before the sunset we went up the tower to make some shots. And then the sky burning came … what a spectacle we had over the forest in front of us. And every time we had taken a photo, the sky was even better and more spectacular. A never ending story making one shot after the other! That night I think I went to bed with a smile on my face!

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