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A sunny morning on the lake Partnunsee

Very good friends of us wanted to see with their children this lake „Partnunsee“! I constantly heard the question „When will you show us this wonderful lake Manu?“ Therefore one day I thought why not now because the weather forecast had announced thunderstorms only for the afternoon. So we took advantage of this opportunity to make a small hike with our kids and friends. And finally after a few hours we reached the lake „Partnunsee“ in the mountains! It was slightly more difficult to get up to the lake, not because of the hike, but because of the little children. A constant murmur and moan accompanied us up the path to 1’869 meters. „When will we reach this lake, I’m exhausted“, „I don’t want to walk anymore!!!“, „I hate mountains“, „My feet are really hurting“ and „If we don’t stop now I will hold my breath until I am blue!“. The children acted more like little terrorists than good hikers he he he :-) And neither chocolate nor small gummy bears helped! And I knew that our time was limited, because when we finally arrived at the lake I could already see the first thunderstorm clouds :-(

But the funny thing was that as soon as we reached the lake … ohhhh wonder ohhhhh wonder … out of the blue, the children were able to walk again, to jump, to sing and to dance he he he … what a miracle :-) Nevertheless it was a wonderful morning and even thought the sun was too much strong to make photos (hard shadows) I made a few ones. You know, I photograph at any time and in any weather conditions ;-) I hope you like it :-)

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