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Glowing of the Alps in Dättnau

On this day when I made this photo our house was full of children. Cousins of my kids were at our home for a short visit. And you all know how funny children can be when they are at home all the day. Towards the evening they were acting like little crazy artists. So I decided to make a small walk with all the kids into the woods. Have you ever noticed that the colors of kids jackets are all very colorful? And now imagine how it looked like when we went up a small hill. The children went up the hill one behind the other like a snake, but as they were wearing this colorful jackets the scene looked like a snake of M&M’s he he he :-) On the top of the hill I turned on the camera and I wanted to make some shots. And this was the moment when this little persons all came to me. I only could hear „I also want to see through the camera!“, „Can I have a look please?“ and „Me too, me too!!!“. Well, the next 10 minutes my job was to hold up all the children so that they could see the mini display of the cam. And when the last one of them finally had his turn the first one again asked for a quick look he he he :-)

The solution to my problem was to give them a task. The girls had to decorate our poor dog Giorgio with wonderful and colorful leaves and the boys had to build small turrets with small stones. Finally, we all had a lot of fun … well except of Giorgio he he he :-) The result of this project was happy girls, proud boys, a happy man with a photo and … a depressive dog … my god he looked terrible ;-)

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated :-)

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