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Broken Sky

Since I’m back from my vacations, I moan constantly about the bad weather I had. I always show you my pictures with thunderstorms anywhere and at any time and also with slogans like „The thunderstorm, which almost caused my death“, „How to survive a thunderstorm in five steps“, „Culinary kitchen with lightning“ or „Breakfast for a few thunders more“ :-) However, my pictures showed only a small part of the landscape. But the thunderstorms were massive and quite honestly … I never experienced such a time in my entire life! Therefore I want to show you the enormous extent of one storm over the whole valley, which was briefly interrupted by a cloudburst. Imagine, here there are mountain peaks of 2’000 to 3’000 meters altitude. But as you can see … no peaks in sight because the clouds conceals everything ;-(

Moreover I constantly mention our dog Giorgio and perhaps someone is wondering how he looks like. Therefore I want to show you a photo of me with our dog Giorgio. Giorgio is my constant companion on my walks and wherever I make photos, he is always with me and together we experienced many adventures :-) It is unbelievable how small and humble we are compared to this natural spectacle!

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