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The path from the Partnunsee to the valley

When I heard the first thunder of the incoming storm, I drove like a shepherd the entire family, friends and my mother in law down to the valley. But the children didn’t want to leave this wonderful place. „But there are still other people at the lake, and the sun is still shining! And we don’t want to leave now!!!“ was the response of the children. My answer was „My job is to protect everyone of you! And one rule is that if you go hiking with me in the mountains you have to listen to me when I decide something! A storm is coming and we have no much time to reach the valley! Let’s go now!!!“. My plan was almost precisely! Just as we reached the village in the valley I felt the first water drops on my skin. And then a little later the storm was over the entire area … oh boy, and what a huge thunderstorm. Everything was suddenly dark and during hours we could hear a roar of thunder and a cold wind blew up. But we were save and the children had experienced an adventure that they could tell to their friends :-) But thankfully on the way down to the valley I could quickly take my camera out of the backpack and still make this photo he he he :-) I hope you like it!

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