The waterfall "Rheinfall" - Homepage about the Photography and stories by Manuel Martin
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Moonlight over the „Rheinfall"

A few weeks ago I was once again on the „Rheinfall“, because I wanted to photograph this natural spectacle in the autumn. Have you ever seen the „Rheinfall“ by night? And I mean really by night without any artificial light? The light you see here in the picture comes completely from the moonlight. I got up really early and made my way to one of the largest waterfalls in Europe and had still a few hours until dawn. I couldn’t almost see the waterfall because it was dark as in the stomach of a cow. But I could hear the waterfall. And thanks to the moonlight I could make this shot here. On the left you can see just a little arm of the cascade. The main part of this natural wonder isn’t visible from my position here, but you can see the tremendous effect of the impact of the waterfall with the river farther back on the right.