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Caprice des Dieux

During Easter we were as always in the mountains. And it was also the last time that I saw the snow this year. But I always say „After the winter season is always before the next winter season. And the next winter will come! he he he! We took the opportunity to make some little hikes over some beautiful winter landscapes, but I didn’t make any photos during this hikes, because I think a bright blue sky is not so interesting to see in photos. But on the last day we experienced such a huge snowfall … you could barely see more than 2 meters. Towards the evening I decided to take my backpack with my photographic equipment and went up the mountain with our dog Giorgio.

It was anything but beautiful! What a snowfall … Giorgio was looking like a snowball with four legs and I was looking like the Yeti! No chance to make any photo! After a while we came across a hut and under the roof we made a short break. I knew exactly that behind the dark clouds there was the sunset at that moment! And suddenly … there was a huge hole in the cloud cover. Call it whatever you want … nature force … strong winds …. whatever … I call it the whim of the gods. There was for only five minutes this hole and I had to hurry to make something similar like a composition and make this photo! My god, I was really happy about this opportunity! And after this short break … again this dark nothingness!

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