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Diamond Beach

Seriously, I would say that I have a certain understanding about photography in the mountains, as I’m always there and no matter what the weather conditions are. But to make shots at the sea … really I had no idea how to make such a shot like the one here as I’m living in Switzerland he he he. And more how dangerous those ice blocks were as they were moving when the waves came. But luckily we had two excellent landscape photographers guiding us (Enrico Fossati and Javier de la Torre). Ha ha ha … it was really funny to be there at the beach trying to capture the right moment and hearing both guides screaming at us from behind like … „You must go forward! … heyyyy!!! … more into the water! … wait … wait … let the wave overpass you … and now shoot, shoot and shoot!!! … Not so close to the ice blocks … it’s too dangerous damn!!!“. What a highlight that morning! I had to laugh all the time … how crazy and funny that morning was at the beach. And I have to thank both guides for the effort they put into us all the time.

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