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About Me

I’m a passionate landscape photographer based in Switzerland. I startet with photography in 2012 but it was only in 2015 when my interest became a passion or should I say an obsession. Taking images in nature is a great pleasure for me. That means to hike, to explore and to feel a sort of freedom … and to experience nature sometimes at hours and conditions that are not the very best. Exactly the oposite to my life in the office. My goal is to show how I see the world through the lenses as we are only during a limited time here on earth.


- HONORABLE MENTION - Chromatic Awards 2018 - Category: Landscape

- HONORABLE MENTION - ND Awards 2018 - Category: Fine Art Landscape; Category: Fine Art Landscape; Category: Special: Long Exposure

- Review of Workshop at the "Seealpsee" in Switzerland: EYE-Photo Magazine, ISSUE #10, OCTOBER 2018

- Featuring of "Last Flawless Light" in EYE-PHOTO MAGAZINE: EYE-Photo Magazine, ISSUE #10, OCTOBER 2018

- Interview with EYE-Photo Magazine (Over 20 Pages): EYE-Photo Magazine, ISSUE #7, JULY 2018

- Featuring several works on 4 pages in DIGITAL SLR PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE, ISSUE JULY 2018: WEB ; FBPreview

- Featuring of "Rheinfall" in EYE-PHOTO MAGAZINE, ISSUE #6, JUNE 2018: EYE-Photo Magazine

- Featuring of "Vestrahorn" in EYE-PHOTO MAGAZINE, ISSUE #5, MAY 2018: EYE-Photo Magazine

- NOMINEE - FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (2017/2018) - AMATEUR (Landscapes) 1 - AMATEUR (Landscapes) 2 - AMATEUR (Landscapes) 3 - AMATEUR (Nature) 1


- Featuring of "Light Burning over the Rhine" in Landscape Photography Magazine Issue No. 83 January 2018: LPM

- Interview with Sleeklens - December 2017: Photographer Spotlight

- HONORABLE MENTION - ND Awards 2017 - Category: Nature/Seascapes & Waterscapes & Category: Nature/Landscapes

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