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The Cloud

We were just coming back from a short hike and wanted to go back to our car because a huge thunderstorm was reaching our area! Well, we came to a field and I wanted to make a shot. But there was no one single cloud in the sky, only a gloomy atmosphere was visible. And I made the shot, thinking that this picture would be nothing special. The entire family was waiting behind me. They wanted to go to the car, because the weather was changing really quickly! I heard only things like „Are you ready to go?“, „Are you finish doing this shot?“, „When you are ready, I am retired!“ and „A snail with rheumatism is faster“. I turned around, because enough was enough … and then I saw this thing in the sky! I grabbed the camera and the tripod and ran like a fool across the field. It was like after breaking a bank … I only cried „TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!“ … no he he he „Take the kids and pick me up with the car!“ My wife only cried „Where are you going?“. „I don’t know ... away from here!!!“ was my response. The composition was not very picturesque and I hoped that at the end of the field the situation would be better! After a feeling like 1000 km I reached the place where I was happy, and I made this what you see in the picture! My wife picked me up with the car …. well, the look on her face was not exactly full of love he he he! But she knows that from time to time I’m doing crazy things, and after a while everything was alright again ;-)

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