Foggy Forests - Homepage about the Photography and stories by Manuel Martin
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There is life out there

I was glad I was in dark for there I stood, looking into this nebula and hoping to see something different than nothing! But the fog enveloped everything in this world of nature. And it was as if I was alone on this earth. The fog devoured everything … every plant and all living creatures. And always when I’m in such a foggy situation I have some strange feelings. It’s not fear but a great respect for the unknown. But nevertheless I tried to do my best and I hoped to hear something. And I noticed how my sense of hearing increased its efforts in order to compensate the deficit of my sense of vision. And in fact sometimes I heard something … a deer which suddenly appeared out of nowhere or a fox who scurried through the bushes. Fog is really something very special and I am happy about it every time when it appears :-))

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