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Autumn chaos

This is the forest of Dättnau where I live. It is situated about a quite distance in the north of nothing special but enough in the south of places where you freeze to death. During the whole year I think that we have 9 months very bad weather and I suppose this is the reason of the constant state of ill humor and irritability of the habitants of this area. But we are never complaining and we enjoy the beautiful days and the rare sunsets once they are here :-) And this here was one of those rare days and I enjoyed it so much. I walked with our dog Giorgio along the edge of the forest and could enjoy this spectacle of colours, lights and shadows! I felt like a satellite … I could rotate around my own axis, and wherever I looked … colors, shapes, lights and shadows. It was a chaos of impressions. I could hardly decide what I wanted to photograph. And as soon as I had an idea, there were again too many impressions in the photo! A true stunning and beautiful chaos.

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