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Aabachtobel in Horgen

Well, some weeks ago my wife had a course in body painting! It was Sunday and she asked me if I could bring her to the city Horgen by car. I knew that in Horgen is a small waterfall, and that Sunday the weather was not the best one, so I thought why not using this opportunity to undertake a small hike in that gorge with the children and our dog Giorgio! But as always the problem is how to make children walk on a voluntary basis. The trick was to give them the idea of a hidden pirate treasure in that gorge. They could hardly wait to be there he he he. When we finally reached Horgen my wife wanted only to say goodbye to the children, but she heard only things like „OK mum, ciao, ciao, ciaoooooo … hey dad, let’s got quick … we are late! The treasure is waiting!“. Well, I will not tell you how the expression on her face was he he he! The gorge was awesome and so mystical and of course we had a lot of fun!

I will be absent for the next two weeks because we are going to the Swiss Alps, and I have no idea if I’ll have internet access. Therefore I wish everybody a fine time.

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