Forests - Homepage about the Photography and stories by Manuel Martin
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Some months ago I heard for the first time that there is a magic forest in the middle of the Swiss Alps and located not far away from our house in the mountains. I had no idea that this place really exist, after I heard some stories about the vegetation and what the humans were doing around this area a long time ago. Therefore I made some research and in fact I found something on the maps. And the best thing was that there was also a hiking path going up to the top of that mountain. It was clear that I had to see this forest with my own eyes. And in fact … really wow, what I found was really incredibly beautiful. Everything looked so enchanting and so mystical there like in a jungle. On the maps and knowing how steep it was there I calculated more or less 1.5 hours for that forest. But the truth was that I spend 4 hours in that forest and covering only a ridiculous distance of 250 meters. Every 10 to 20 meters I was so impressed and hat to make a shot … meaning putting down my backpack and grab my cam and tripod … making a comp and so one. Then walking again only a short distance and wondering again about the beauty … putting down my backpack and again the same story to dead till the point I left my backpack on the hiking path and walking only with my equipment on my shoulders he he he. At some point I also left the hiking path only to experience and to feel the moss under my feet. It was that time when I found this place here where I spend a lot of time looking down all the time to the other platform at a distance of more or less 30 meters. For me such a wonderful moment and I hope you like it as well.

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