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Night and day at the lake Husemersee

The beginning of this years winter was really strange in Switzerland because we had to wait a very long time till the moment to see the first snow. Anyway … I was again at one of my favorite lakes one month ago. And as you can see … far and wide no one sign of the white thing. And although it does not look like it was quite cold and during several weeks we barely saw one single cloud in the sky. So I decided once again to take a photo at the end of the night. I made this photo here one hour before sunrise and I was happy to have the last stars sparkle, while on the right side the first light of an imminent sunrise was gaining the field. And among us … I love the sunrises in winter more than those in the summer season. They are not so pompous and huge in the winter season, but I can say from my experience that in winter the air is cleaner and clearer, and the colors are more varied than in the summer time. It’s really a special moment on a winter morning to experience such a spectacle if you decide to get up early … and I can recommend it to anyone ;-)

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