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Lai Da Rims

This is the name of this gem in the mountains … the lake called „Lai Da Rims“. I’ve been saving this place for my final hike in the Swiss Alps after climbing every night a mountain for one week to photograph sunrises. Compared to my other hikes to 3000 meters this wonderful place at only 2400 meters should have been a piece of cake! Well, this was what I was thinking. But the truth is, that I had made however the calculation without the host. This night it was a bit harder for me to reach my paradise place, since my legs were hurting more after that week and my body felt that my usual job is not exactly beneficial for such adventures he he he :-) And also my way up to this place in the middle of the night was also very sporty, but hey … to experience such a place at sunrise was really worth every effort!

Can you imagine the expression of my face after going up for hours a mountain seeing only rocks, stones and steep slopes and suddenly reaching this plateau with this amazing lake surrounded by fresh and lush grass? I stood there like a stupid … looking around and thinking I was in another world. I was thinking this is now the „Lai Da Rims“ … a wonder in the middle of the mountains, a small deep blue lake! A lake which depending on the light conditions changing the color from emerald green to cobalt blue. And anyone who has seen him, feels attracted to him!! The path to this lake is indeed bumpy and steep, and one should take one step to the other with enough time going up there and for sure looking forward to the unexpectedly appearing surprise … this deep dark blue and crystal clear water in the middle of mountain peaks. By the way … the water felt pleasantly soft and so tasty ;-)

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