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A beautiful summer afternoon on the lake Husemersee

It was time to return to the lake Husemersee … my favorite little lake near our home! It was Sunday afternoon and I had the desire to press once again this small and little magic button on my cam. So I asked the family: „Who wants to come with me on a walk on the lake Husemersee? Hands up!“. Well, the enthusiasm was incredible! I repeated my question! And half an hour later I was on the lake Husemersee with our dog, alone as always ;-) The dog was the only one holding high his paw he he he! The surface of the jetty on the lake was really warm and so I thought I will place my cam on the jetty and made some pictures while my dog layed in the shadow.

And how could it be otherwise, two walkers came along and saw me taking some shots! It was clear that they began a conversation with me about which camera one of them should buy! It’s really hard and difficult to explain to someone with no idea about photography why they should not buy the most expensive cam! They really didn’t understand it. I always repeated to buy a bridge cam, or a smaller one but not a piece of furniture like my cam! „But I want to make stunner shots, so I need an expensive and good cam!“ was the response! „Ohh, I’m also still looking for a cam with such a button with the name - Make a stunner shot - he he he!“ I answered! Then I told them the popular photography joke which everybody here already know! You know … this joke about a photographer sitting in a posh restaurant. "The chef recognize him and says to him, hey … you are the famous photographer from the newspapers right? I love your photos! You must have a great camera! After dinner the photographer went to the chef and says to him … I love your food. You must have great pots and pans!" After a while they understood the point that a photographer’s skill makes the photo, not the instrument that is used!

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