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Hazy Agony before the Thunderstorm

I hate this photo!!! And I remember exactly when I made this shot! For me it was a never-ending torture to make this picture! I was on a mountain during a walk with our dog Giorgio and I wanted to make a photo of the mountains before the thunderstorm. But unfortunately it was very hazy! Already the first photo looked like a Greek tragedy, because I could barely see something and the colors had some kind of awful pastel coloring! I don’t remember how many pictures I was trying to make and none of them was good for me.

And in the distance there was a terrible rumbling through the valleys of the mountains. It was time to hurry up and after about an hour I had something useful and ran down the mountain as if stung by an adder. It’s not just a dream paradise to stand around on a mountain during a thunderstorm he he he :-)

But the pain continued. Since last year I have tried to edit this photo! And normally I had already deleted such a picture, but not after having been there and having tried for so long to capture desperately a shot!!!! I’ve tried everything, and finally what you see here is the result of this Odyssey! And now I published it and for me this agony is finally over he he he ;-)

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