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I made this shot here last year in Summer when I was reaching this wonderful peak of a mountain at an altitude of more than 3’000 meters. And more or less 15 minutes away from the peak I made a break to make this shot here. Well … not the best light … in fact it was a mix of soft and hard light and a challenge to get something useful with the cam but it’s always something special when you get at such locations. And even more the weather conditions changed to something not so comfortable as you can see on the image! In fact when I was seeing the summit it just began to rain … you can see some of the first water drops on the rocks on the right part of the image. But it was really amazing to be there and to feel the cold and fresh air despite it was Summer. For the sense of scale … the first rock on the left side was bigger than me he he he and I had to climb a bit to get at the more comfortable hiking part on my way up. I’m still wondering and impressed about how my dog „Giorgio“ (a collie) always could find his way to follow me he he he :-) I hope you like it.

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