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Stones and sand in Elba

I was camping for two weeks with the family on the island Elba in Italy. It was not the first time I saw this beautiful island, and I must say I love this former exile of Napoleon. But I think that the summer is not exactly the best time for photography there … rarely I have seen so few clouds during two weeks! But hey, it was a lot of fun for the kids playing all the day in the water … well, and for me too he he he. When I did this photo that evening, my children were playing with the sand on the beach, while I was desperately searching some clouds. And when I found some, I was looking for a good foreground. My kids had formed with a few stones a sort of tower and it was clear that I used it for this photo. I heard only such choruses of lamentations but the tower was mine for a few minutes ha ha ha! Well, what happened then to the tower? The lifetime of this building was short! Right after my photo it was destroyed by the hand of my children. The stones were then used as markers for beach tennis goals. Warm weather, beach, sand, sea, playing tennis with my kids in the dark … oh boy, it was really a lot of fun :-)