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The Rheinfall at Neuhausen

Well, some time ago I showed you a picture of a small waterfall in Fischenthal. And I told you that the 2 biggest waterfalls of Europe are the „Dettifoss“ in Iceland and the „Rheinfall“ at Neuhausen in Switzerland. A shame that I never made some photos of the „Rheinfall“ … a shame because this location is only 30 minutes by car from my house! Well, I made 2 photos now he he he. There were only 2 problems. Problem number one: too many tourists! Problem number two: There are millions of pictures of this waterfall, and trying to make something special becomes really difficult! Solution to problem number one: Be there at 4 o’clock in the morning and wait till the sunrise. For sure you will not see one single and sane tourist! This was very easy to me :-) It was a refreshing morning walk for me and my dog Giorgio. Solution to problem number two was a bit more difficult. Of course I made the standard and traditional shots of the cascade, but I also tried this composition here in my actual photo. Looking to the big cascade I simply turned 90 degrees to the left and had the big river in front of me! I think I rarely saw a similar shot of this area and was really happy to have found something different. So I waited to the sunrise and made this shot here!

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