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Chasing waterfalls across a fairytale-like forest

Well, a couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure to finally meet my friend Sam from the USA. We know each other from the Internet … sharing the same passion for landscape photography. And finally after such a long time he could visit me in my country Switzerland. Wow! That was so exciting and cool :-) It was clear that I showed him our forests in front of our home, the amazing Rheinfall (bad having too much tourists and bad light) and of course a wonderful and enchanting small forest but with some outstanding waterfalls as you can see in my image. Sam, my dog Giorgio and I arrived at this place in the afternoon. But since the weather was bad anyway, the location was perfect to make some shots in the forest. He he he … I remember that I said to Sam: „Hey Sam … be careful because the ground is very very slippery!“. If only I had not opened my mouth!!! My next words were: „Woahhhhhh!!!!“. Next I saw the world from a completely different perspective … and by the way … the moss-covered stones are very nice from below he he he. But fortunately my little baby (my cam) was safe! Thanks Sam for the wonderful time and I hope we can repeat this :-)

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