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Rusty-leaved Alpine Roses

Here I’ve done a time blending … otherwise it would not have been possible to do this in one shingle shot. The idea was to have a very sharp image from front to back and to capture three things. The land part, the light of the moon and finally the partial Milky Way. When I arrived at the spot here I positioned my tripod and waited for the beginning of the twilight. I made a focus stacking image and even more I used my polarizer (and don’t ask because I don’t know why in the hell I used it with that light). Then I made a beautiful fire and made some few sausages … mmmmhhhh very delicious he he he. Later I made another shot by the setting of the moon to capture the moonlight and finally … a lot time later I made another shot of the night sky trying to capture the partial Milky Way! And in post process I tried to put together all the pieces and I hope you like it.

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