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Aumühle-Tobel in Frauenfeld

In the wonderful canton of Thurgau, near the town of Frauenfeld and yet out of nowhere, you can find a place called Aumühle on the map. Here I could park my car behind a barn and continued my search for the Aumühle-stream and its ravine of the same name by foot. I followed only for 10 minutes a steep forest path to just leave it and to pierce through the thicket. So I followed the small creek for a while to finally find this location. The stream gurgled softly and above me the birds were praising the coming spring season. Small insects from uncertain kind crawled into my clothes and Giorgio our dog stretched his nose in the air, because he was sensing the close wild game. The rustle of the leaves and the cracking of woods accompanied me all the time. In other respects … I was far away from the noise of civilization.

For a while I made a break, savoring the sights in every direction: the bare slope on one side of the stream, opposite the dense forest, black roots, moss-covered tree trunks and wildly rampant ivy. And just for one moment I believed to see them; the hidden shapes of the forest. Fairies dancing over the water, dwarves and gnomes who ducked behind mushrooms, the Faun disappearing silently behind the trees. If you look closely, you perhaps can see them in the picture. But just maybe!

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