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Evening atmosphere over the area of Prättigau

Well, this is the area where I wandered most of the time with my skis or with my snowshoes. On this day I was two times on the top of our mountain … once in the morning and once in the afternoon. And I went through the area from left to right … from right to left … diagonally from bottom left to top right, and vice versa. That was really funny finally to see snow he he he. And then, towards the evening when the sun went down, the area was transformed into what you can see in the picture. It was so beautiful and hey, there was also a tree he he he :-) Let’s take out the camera and place the tripod I thought! I made the composition … and … hey, what the hell is that? I noticed there were tracks in the foreground! Oh boy, I was the guy who produced this mess!!! I had probably destroyed the beautiful blanket of snow already during the day … and I was calling myself „Destroyer of the snow“! Well, the situation was such that and I had no more time to look for another place! Nevertheless I hope you like it!

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