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Dark and ghostly winter morning

So there I was sitting on a snow hill on a mountain slope he he he. I got up very early that morning to catch the light of the sunrise. But I got this!!! Darkness and a gloomy atmosphere was the gift of the gods on this cold morning. No golden light and everything was just white, gray and blue. I waited an hour for the light and my goodness, was it cold! My fingers were frozen despite gloves. But honestly, I was enjoying the moment. And then only for about 5 to 10 minutes I was able to see this wonderful spectacle. A bit light, fog and in the distance the thunder of a storm … this is what I call a modicum of luck to experience a thunderstorm in the middle of the winter season he he he. The rest of the day was boring … no light, everything dark but hey, I made my shot already before the day began he he he.

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