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Horse’s Neck

One afternoon we visited the area of Bùdir with the famous black church. And it was really unbelievable to see a lonely black church in the middle of nothing. This contrast between the wider plane and this church was burned into my memory. Of course I started to make shots, but there was something more than just this church. In fact I had a little troll in my head and this little creature started to talk to me „Look, there’s an old lava field not far from the church!“. „Nonsense, I’m taking shots from this cool church now!“, was my answer. But again and again I heard this little troll talking to me. And hey, how many times have I already experienced to stand in the middle of a lava field? It was obvious … I disappeared from the scene and I found me again in all the small canyons of this huge lava field. And it was there where I found this spot here.

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