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Breath of the Dragon

A shot I made in the Swiss Alps during this winter season when I was looking for new spots with friends. Actually, we first wanted to visit another spot, which is located behind this mountain massif. But when we saw this area here, we thought it might be better to wait here for the firework once the sun will reach this area. Our presumption was right as you can see and we were experiencing a great morning around all these rocks.

BreaththeDragonFlickrGraub├╝ndenPr├ĄttigauSwissAlpsSwitzerlandAlpenglowdramaenchantingfairy talelight dramamagicmajesticfieldsgrasshillshillyicemountain peaksmountain slopemountainspondriverbedrocksstonesfrozenreflectionsriversnowwaterwater reflectionscloudscloudyglowsky burningsnowysunrisemorning