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Caprice De Dieux

Again and again the whim of nature is amazing. I planned to come to this valley and according to the weather forecast, the morning would be perfect for shooting. Cloudy and varied it should have been. And so it was everywhere, except in this valley here. Not a single cloud far and wide. Oh boy!!! As soon as I reached the gates of the valley, I noticed that the weather made its own rules here. Well, that’s just how it is! Take it or leave it I told myself. Therefore I decided to go for a twilight shot at the shoreline of this mountain river.

CapriceDieuxFlickrGraubündenSwissAlpsSwitzerlanddark mooddarknessdramaenchantingmagicfairy talelight dramamajesticmysteriousforestmountain peaksmountainsriverbedrockssandstonestree trumptreesvalleywoodsreflectionsriverwaterwater reflectionsblue skyglowno cloudmorningtwilightWBPA