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The Beauty of Winter

About a bit more than a week ago, I posted a picture of this area on Facebook. I was not so happy with the light conditions when I made it more than a year ago. Well, and now this here what you see is exactly the same area but taken four weeks ago when I visited this location again with a friend. And this time I pointed the cam 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I always wanted to capture the beauty of the whole area, but I failed because it was never possible with only one shot. Therefore I decided this time to make a panoramic vista with 9 vertical single images and stitched them together into one shot. I hope you like it and thanks for watching.

TheBeautyWinterFlickrGraubündenPrättigauSwissAlpsSwitzerlandAlpenglowdramaenchantingfairy talelight dramamagicmajesticfieldsforestmountain slopetreeswoodsfrozenicesnowblue skyglowno cloudsky burningsnowysunsunsetevening