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Shimmering Silvercoast

Well, I think it’s time to begin with posting several images I made during my stay in Asturias (Spain) some weeks ago. I made this shot here at a very iconic beach called „Gueirua“ one rainy afternoon. A single long exposure shot which I found very difficult to make as I was cleaning the lenses all the time due to the rain! And more it was not so comfortable to stay balanced over the rocks and stones during a heavy wind and rain, cleaning all the time the lenses and at the same time trying not to fall into the sea with all my equipment :-) But it was so rewarding to be there and I could’t care less about the weather … I was so happy to finally, finally, finally to see the sea again after so much time as I have no sea in my country :-)

ShimmeringSilvercoastFlickrGueiruaCudilleroAsturienSpaindark mooddarknessdramamysteriouscoastrockssandstonesseawaterwavescloudycloudsovercastrainyafternoonWBPA